Ano to the World!

Accra’s growing art scene is getting even bigger and Ano’s new gallery gave it quite the expansion. The new gallery is located on the Lokko Road in Osu, right next to the Lokko’08 Concept and T-shirt Shop. The old warehouse now serves as the new home of Ano’s open library, a photo gallery, an exhibition space for sculpture, painting and other fine art and a small hall for concerts and talks shows. Over the Independence weekend, Ano opened its doors to small crowd of artists and art lovers, introducing them to the fantasy coffins and palanquins of the famous Paa Joe, the retrospective photographs of Ghana’s first female photographer, Felicia Abban and the new African architectural works of Latifah Iddriss. Also present at the event was Nii Noi Nortey who indulged the crowd with his unique African blues and rhythms.

Organised in 2002, Ano has been a spearhead in the collection of Ghanaian art and the knowledge about it. In the grapevine, there have been works to establish the African cultural encyclopedia, which will house as much information as possible about the African way of life.  Ano’s new project has opened up a new space in Accra where people can go and find all types of art and the knowledge about it in one space. In a simple, yet inviting atmosphere, Ano has manage to transform the old warehouse into a haven for Ghanaian art and art lovers. The space is opened all week to the general public. We, at Solomon’s Loft, tap into Ano’s inspiration that art goes a long way and has a great role to play in the shaping of culture and preservation of heritage and we will love to see more from an institution that is coming of age.

Kwame Nkrumah's Photographer Ano Entrance
 Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's Photographer Ano on Lokko Street



N. N. K. Adom

(Editor, Solomon’s Loft)

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