How to appreciate art!!

 This is a work inspired from scraps and metal waste. Nana Anoff has an imagination out of the ordinary and creates most of his works from scrapes found on the scrap yard. 

Bilateral Deliberation has these two motherboards chatting about morse codes over a cup of coffee. 

Bilateral deliberation

How do I appreciate Art

There're two ways to appreciate art

1. by reading it 

2, by feeling it. 

The intellectual way to appreciate art (reading it) requires understanding the narrative (if there's any), the composition, the color theory, the background of art work and artist... Most academic research on art and art history is like this; Older art works are better appreciated this way (I think). Old masters care more about communication to their audience. Especially when they work for the Church, there's always a very clear message they want to carry out using the art works. It is important to understand the message and to understand how that message was communicated efficiently through the use of color and composition. 

To feel an artwork is very easy. Look at the art work and see if it stirs some feeling out of you. We associate certain feelings with certain images, colors, compositions... You don't really need to understand why or how you end up feeling the way you feel about a certain piece of art, just simply enjoy the feeling. 

But it is also important to admit to yourself that sometimes you don't feel anything. While other people can get excited or sad about a piece of art work, you might feel nothing. That's OK. Doesn't mean "you don't appreciate the art". It simply means the piece doesn't communicate with you the same way it communicates with other people. No need to feel shame about it. 

Most modern art can be appreciated this way, since modern art focuses more about self-expression than communicating a narrative. The art is created to express a certain feeling of the artist. It's like an inside joke, sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't. Either way, perfectly normal. Be honest about it and move on.