Born in a colorful town in Jamshedpur city in India in 1986, Soma Sen attended an informal structured art school in her community in the early years of her childhood.

Her interest gingered her on to attain a 6 year diploma in Fine Art in 2004 from the school of Fine Art in Jamshedpur India. Her love for art led her on to improve her skill at the Ghanatta College of Art and Design to study painting and graduated with a 3 year Diploma in 2016.

Her art works have been displayed in various galleries like the Loom Gallery, Artist Alliance, Nubuke Foundation etc.

Her interest is creating art works on paper, acrylic painting on canvas and paper, pen work on paper, oil painting on canvas and terra cota. She did solo exhibitions at the Loom Gallery in 2015, group exhibitions with other artists at Ghanatta Collage of Art and Design in 2015 and group exhibitions at the Nubuke foundation in 2016.

She currently resides in Ghana with her husband where she continues to use her talent to bless mankind.

She is looking forward to collaborating with other female or male artists on projects which will enable her to give back to society especially to the less privileged.



Art is the blood running through my veins. I have been interested in art since my early childhood years and my interest and zeal is what has made me who I am today; a person still eager to explore the beauty around us each day.

I am drawn by nature’s beauty and different shades of colors I see in the handiwork of art. I try to make a replica of God’s design to express my appreciation of beauty. I draw anything of interest; from natural things around to anything that catches my attention. I experiment with colors to express how I feel and my sentiments at the particular moment.

I use water color on paper, Acrylic color on canvas.  My interest takes me to terra Cota, pallet knife usage apart from the usage of brushes in my normal line of work; pencils and pens are all used to design works of art that define my world.

 My work of art portrays my world and it also leads me to show the world how I feel and to let them appreciate beauty in every sense of the word.


horn eagle